Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some stuff in the news

Normally I don't talk about news stuff too much, especially if it ventures into the world of politics, because I find it brings out the stupid people. Then I end up in circular arguments with people that just make me want to punch them and then drink heavily. It's not worth the aggravation. But, I've been reading a couple of things recently that have driven me nuts so I wanted rant about them on here. You're welcome.

First up - the Times Square bomber. Let me say what we all know to be true. That guy is an ass. An idiotic ass, as it turns out, because he couldn't make a proper bomb. Come on, dude. It's the age of the internet. Anyone with a access to a computer can get instructions and a video on how to make that thing. I'm glad he's an idiot because no one was hurt, but he is still an idiot. And a horrible human being. However, that does not mean that when he is arrested he should not be Mirandized. The fact that this is even an argument is, frankly, a little disgusting to me. Also disgusting that backing me up is Glenn Beck. *shudder* Charles Manson was Mirandized, Jeffrey Dahmer was Mirandized. Some idiot failed bomber, even if he is a terrorist, still needs to be Mirandized! What the hell, people??

Next - one of the only women I hate as much as Nancy Grace: Gloria Allred. What the hell, lady? All she does is defend women who had affairs with famous men. Why do these women needs such rigorous legal representation? How exactly were they wronged here? They KNEW they were sleeping with married men, so I don't see how the label "victim" can be applied to these women. What the men did was disgusting, and so was what these women did. If the men were upset when these women decided they were going to go to the press with their affair, well that makes sense. Neither the man-whore husbands or their whore mistresses are victims though. They are both just whores. (PS - I still root for Tiger to win. And I still love Bones and Buffy/Angel. Just saying. But I'm on Team Sandra all the way. If you add Nazi paraphernalia into your adultery, well, I just can't root for you in any way. Sorry, Jesse.)

Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton?????!?!?!?!?  Seriously?!?! Sorry..... that's not really news per se, but I just read it and I can't get over it.  That is just crazy!!!


Erin says bazinga! said...

Nice observations. I haven't read too much on the ny bomber, but yes, hello moron. I don't get the skanky bitchs who hire attorneys, I don't see the point. I mean what is the point? Did they think if they hired an attorney they would get a settlement to keep quiet, but the. Isn't that blackmail? Do you find the Nazi stuff odd in relation to his adopting the African American baby. I assume if he hadn't been caught they would be one big happy family. Do people just think the Nazi crap makes them look tough and not really get how unacceptable it is and what message it sends? Crazy the Hollywood couple managed to keep that whole baby dating thing a big ol' secret. I apprEciated your new commentary, maybe because I know you aren't a nimrod and we aren't going to get in one of those circular arguments. It's difficult to be friends with dumb people hehe

Annette said...

Yeah, Denny & Peyton? What is this world coming to anyway? ;)