Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm not in hiding... I swear

It's been nearly a month since I've written. Bad blogger! How sad for all of your that I haven't been updating you on my life! (Hey! Blogger put the spellchecker back on the tab! Woot. Now my blogs won't be so full of spelling errors!)

Anyway, I've been very busy with school so that I've been neglecting this blog. But I am done for the next 4 months!!  WOOHOO! And despite horrible professors, I managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA. Suck it, professors! That's right, I'm very mature. Let's see.... what has been going on. My baby turned 3 last week. I'm still fat from being pregnant with him, so it was depressing on multiple levels when I had to put 3 candles in the cake. One candle for every 10 pounds I could lose! HA! Hopefully the weather will stop being sun then all of a sudden downpour of rain so I can go run/walk with him in the stroller more often. I only want to go when it is nice - it isn't fair to poor Owen to be stuck in the cold rain because mommy is fat!

I've also been dealing with Emily and her speech teacher. I do not like that woman. At all. She is adamant that something is wrong with Emily's hearing, but the Ear Nose and Throat doctor said there isn't. Twice. And did some slightly invasive procedures to be extra thorough. Which traumatized my poor daughter. I'm beyond mad that I felt I HAD to have him do that to her because of this woman who probably just refuses to change her speech therapy techniques as needed for each student and therefore has decided that there is something wrong with my kid. God forbid there should be something wrong with how she is teaching  - which by the way, was the doctor's prognosis: She needs speech therapy with different techniques. Oy! I'm a little nervous to see how this woman is going to react. If she tells me to send Emily to someone else I may lose it.

Not much else is going on here. I've been in a funk, so that has a lot to do with my lack of blogging. Who really wants to hear about my funk? (Sorry, Nicole and Erin, that's all on you!) Trying to get out of it. At least I know I will be able to get hugs from Nicole in about 2 months!! I miss hugs. Ha. Don't worry.... Kevin gives me hugs, people. He is a good husband.

Alright, I'm going to go watch some DVR. Hurray!!


Kylene said...

Congrats on your 4.0 miss smarty pants! So proud of you! You rock!

It's hard when a teacher refuses to believe that they are not wrong. The whole point to being a good teacher, at least in this wanna-be teacher's opinion, is that there is no one style cookie cutter approach to teaching a child & that when it comes down to things like that you need to personalize it to EACH child. She really needs to listen to you, because you know your child & you subjected her to some awful procedures. Time to change the approach or even change teachers. She needs to be open to this. Sorry but it's true.

And it's not just you, I've been a funk too. Ugh! Don't know what it will take to get out of it but something HAS to change so I'm right there with you hun.

Erin is so sad said...

You he no neglected your tv blog, so don't be too frustrated you hvent had time to do everything. Now if you didn't post or text me about Bones, then I would
consider you a slacker! Hahahaha, so kidding! I think the speech therapist is a pill, but you know that already. I do
not think the principal would have seen your
correspondence with the reg teacher if she didn't believe your concerns were valid. Hopefully things improve whether she gets it together ora new speech therapist comes into play. Woo woo for 4.0, that's definitely
sometHingoro feel kick ass about. New Bride and Sookie is also another :0)!