Tuesday, June 15, 2010

East vs West Terminology

When I say East vs West, I'm not talking cultures - that discussion would require a level of intelligence that I do not possess, especially while battling the plague. I'm talking East Coast vs West Coast. Why can't these two coasts get along? Wasn't the loss of Tupac and Biggie enough to settle our differences? 

The reason I bring this up is because today I was talking about summer plans and I said that we may take a day trip to the "shore" as part of our plans, at which point the person I was talking to looked at me as if I had just spoken Chinese. "Shore" is a foreign word out here. It's the "coast." I've lived out here for almost over 11 years, so I know this. But growing up back east, shore still comes to mind first.  Let's just call a truce and everyone agree just to call it the "beach," okay?

Then there are brand names. Hellman's/Best Foods, Dreyers/Edys, Carls Jr/Hardys.  Why??  Just, why?? First of all, Best Foods is stupid, and it should be called Hellman's everywhere. I love when we get an east coast feed commercial on cable (often during a sporting event that is east coast based) and the commercial is for Hellman's and not Best Foods. Yes, it is ridiculous to care about that, but I do!

I'm sure there is some valid and reasonable explanation for these things...... no wait, I changed my mind. There is no good reason. It's annoying and as someone that has east and west coast ties, it just gives me a headache! We are not two different countries, although recently South Carolina has made some strides in the argument that they should be, so we should call things by the same name! If McDonalds can be McDonalds all over the world, than all these companies should be able to come up with one name for the whole country!

By the way..... could I have come up with a more ridiculous blog topic today?  You're welcome.

(**Happy Birthday NPH.  I heart you.**)


Phil Silverstein said...

we will always be too coasts. Lakers v Boston, Dodgers v. Yankees, (though this was originally both NY). The Freeway v. the Subway. Too much difference.

NICOLE said...

South Carolina is retarded. And it's THE SHORE.

Ditto to NPH said...

I will allow you your 'the shore' since you are a native East Coaster, but if I were to say it, I would seem totally lame, like I was trying ot be cool a la "Jersey Shore". Funny, the shore conjures up smooth oceans with small waves, here I think beach and I think surfing and big waves. In my mind East Coasters don't surf and that is why it's the shore. Hmm, that turned into a long ramble. =0)

oregonamy1972 said...

I'm essentially a native Oregonian and it's always been the Coast to me. I wonder about other regional differences such as why we refer to carbonated beverages as pops here, while they're called sodas else where??